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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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yes we need a short. >> okay yep yes, ma'am yes and okay. so even we're missing our attorney we can precede no, it's not a vote and i am sensitive on time because we may have a quorum issue are will have a kwournl are quorum issue one of the commissioners needs to take a flight and you have a hard stop at- >> okay. so please call the next item. >> the next item is 5 e workshop on the status of u.s. department of the navy's mediation at the hunters point shipyard hunters point shipyard project
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area discussion madam director. >> thank you ms. short and commissioners as typical we provide you with periodic updates on the status of clean up up austin at the handicapped its ongoing for the last 22 years but last year and previous to that we were before you where things are in preparation foresight to transfer for renal and mixed use will development an item coming before you we wanted to provide you and the public so with that our senior manager for hunters point shipyard will kick it autopsying off with the city's did you want. >> thank you director bohe and good afternoon madam chair rosales and commissioners i'm the director for the candle
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stick project i'm joined by amy from the deducting it provides an independently local clean up up of the hunters point shipyard and continue to provide the set forth as the project occurs i'd like to mention we're joined by our consultant tredwell they've thankful provide the technical assistance and the epa as a technical services by community and joined by two individuals from that organization and representative from the u.s. navy this anchors workshop to provide you with the clean up activities on the hunters point shipyard, and, secondly, staff will be coming back at the end of juan just that to recommend this recommend a transfer of 3
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parcel to ocii i want to have the location provided to you so have the offend we have the site the candle stick point and obviously the shipyard back in 2004 the navy transferred they're first operational operational a where the development is currently occurring the next paralysis d two and it stand for utility corridors you see one and two parcel d-2 will be developed for research and development for office o office spaces and building 2 machinery or 13 a public- for confirmation
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development and roads and will include a small portion of the artists complex as you'll hear from the did you want and amy it requires regulatory agencies that have overlapping respondents the process required through circle those are clean before the transfer to ocii here the tied up use for the shipyard for mixed use neighborhood for offices and homes and parks insures that the shipyard is safe for residents workers and visitors and the surrendered community with that, i'd like to introduce amy from the did you want to continue with the presentation. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners madam chair rosales. >> really happy to be here it's been 10 years since we transferred the last piece of lands we promised they'll happy faster i'm going to go ahead if you can put the presentation we'll start with the first couple slides and beautiful pictures we'll skip to slides 13 you've received this in our packet the competitive remediation of the details i'm going over and accomplice many packages the infortion you can look like and read about the shipyard closes in 74 a conveyance agreement between the navy and the redevelopment agency in 2004, it set
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consistent clean up process and requires the navy to achieve the regulatory concurrence with the federal and state go agencies before you they off the parcels and created a unique papering or participating with the decision-making process next slide oh, that's it so that's again, the official of the shipyard and the demonstration and the navy parcels you've seen and in your packet so as we've mentioned expensive oversight of the navy's work the 3 main agencies have the regulatory authority to ask the navy to do more or stop what they're doing the main duty that
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the environmental protection action and the california water control board in addition to other state agencies play an important rule did you want is the agency that is impounded and reviews and provides oversight and sign off for the radiology issues and the bay area insures the navy does proper dust control and the roll in the development for the same issues in addition as we've mentioned the city has been reviewing all this information i personally have been working on this project since 1993 and had the help of our consultant that had to this lots of and many
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landfill agencies to make sure they're doing the eclipse this is a busy slide it is pointing out that the process is set up one process for all the steps in the investigation site investigation remedial faebtd studies, etc., etc., etc. a lot of time we've gone backward the point to show you those are the things that happen it is a lot of money been spent and community involvement ongoing throughout the entire process those next two slides show us the progress in 2010 we came before you when the environmental impact report this
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is showing you the stage and the work that's done we set up the graphic the green is good in 20142015 we're all agreeing for the land much of it perm d twoshgz and others are ready for transfer several parts at the tail end there's paperwork being done and parcels in the middle of remediation null did remedies and particle e the lighter green the design report being done for the remedies and parcel f the water will come to you they've not made the decisions though to tissue that that graphic is showing you how through all those years of work every little green dot at least
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one, if not several monitoring values showing you the the 25 thousand soil samples and warrant those are the sewer lines the navy has been roving and almost done if in all areas as part of their radiologist investigation so again, the evasion and depositing idol of contamination has happened and reports the agencies have approved and successful ground water treatment and controlled system since 2002 for the landfill and risk assessments that are backed by federal and
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state standards and the latest research and again in corners the regulatory agency must secure it before transfer that seemingly boring slides is an example of one of the clean up action they take this is the screening yards they literally take out the dirt they'll screen for radiology issues and put that into 6 inch layers and do handheld struchlts complications and in addition take the level they're trying to remove are so low and so tiny that is p is
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hard to see them with the instrument they take samples of the dirt and send it to laboratories to look at the soil to get all the contamination i wanted to mention not shown ♪ slide also do scans of building materials inside of buildings were there was radiology concerns and what the news report was about actually old news the navy in 2014 so over a years ago was informed by the contractor that self-observes there of these scans speed it is literally was it so you would they take their scanning instruments along the walls
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their trying to dedetect the tames so that he went too fast there was a deviation to the contractor self-explained and it the navy got what was involved and self-recorded it to the regulatory argz agency that sent out a letter if you look at the begin of it once you've resolved this issue we we're going to- they used father-in-lawscy word they've exhausted the report they said the navy was done because of this we need to suspend that and the navy has been working on and in the process of redoing those at the correct speed and all of that and the regulatory agency said
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we'll reissue the letter throughout the process no chance of concerns for health or safety to employees or resident or tenants or anyone else in the community back into what remedies does the navy put in place to insure the development will be safe again, i taunted excavations hundreds of course of yards of sewer and storm drains and soil vapores traction in our competitive summary there was circles of ground water contamination there's that vapors coming from the chemicals going into the ground they'll literally put in a well, which is a fancy a perry
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or peace officer rated pipe they'll treat the vapors and remove the contamination so another way to institute the treatment of ground water that's another fancy word for injecting substance to break down the subsidized and i think jefferson county the bacteria and once the food is gone it is broken down to not a harmful chemicals they do several areas successful they've i think rejected zero iron a fancy name for ground up iron that is i think rejected into the ground water and chemical reaction where the chemicals are broken down into
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non-toxic chemicals another remedy that's been put in place durable covers on the next slide another remedy containment and cap on the land filing fill so the parcel e-2 if you look at the map is the area where the landfill is they literally dump their garbage and yes, sir. their chemicals issues we know that is there there are decisions about the recommendations and it is contained and capped i'll show you a diagram and part of the mechanic e mechanism that is restrieksz in the deed and all the parcels will have the restriction that are for all the parcels you can't drink the ground water it is two salty and have garden in raised beds and
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construction must comply with plans to control dust and everything here i'll go really fast so this is what i mentioned a lot of areas that have duplicate similar remedies this is a list calls brown field and here's two works you're familiar with i'm assuming if you have begun shopping at ikea they've built lots of businesses over contaminated land it is the development the situations and parks there is also requirements for special foundations and the same restrictions i've mentioned about not drink the ground water and planting plants above the cover so i have a bunch of
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pretty pictures the excavation this is a picture of the roving sewers those next two slides are about the equipment they use when they're doing things in the ground and some above ground here's the pretty picture the development again building streets and soil and sidewalks for parks this is an example of durable cover the navy installed a before and after and grafts of new dirt a protection mat to the vegetation will grow this is durable covers on the shoreline their engineered and do it in the right way to make sure the soil stays in place >> hurry this is the cross
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section of what the landfill covers look like as you can see it's robust 0 up to 25 feet of landfill waste and in 1974 was played then and 2000 another layer and other things on there and they'll put another feet of soil at least of photo of soil between the people playing in the park that is going to be a park and the waste down below okay we've will mentioned 22 years $875 million of your tax dollars and since 1980 it's been save to tenants out there and parcels was transferred in 2004 those next 3 parcels are ready
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this is a reminder about the areas that i've talked about before d-2 and b-1 and g and r-718 will be ready and b two and one ready at the end of the year and ongoing other parcels will be ready after that more information about the maps those are in the back in our handout questions that also get asked about sea levels rise and showing you the development itself is already planned to make sure they take a look at it and if their- the calculations were incorrect and they need more they'll put adaptive berm on the outside of the area we
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get asked about natural disasters we know how to build building we're not worried about the buildings themselves and for the other areas yes there will be cracks and little holes or mound of soil but a whole maintains plan that includes emergency responses so i'm sorry to interrupt you i know but - we have a real issue and that's we're going to lose a quorum and stop the managing there's a group of have speaker cards no, we don't as far we don't okay so - why don't you continue for a little bit. >> i'll show the last slide
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those retires reviewed the deed restrictions so all the agencies before the transfer and then they'll have regulatory authority if anyone violate it they'll make them do the right thing the ordinances will be required to morptd and report once a year on their own building sidewalks and streets and parks and medium strips the navy b will continue with their unanimous shoreline protection and the landfill and the shoreline and the most important message we have another entire process those those is so the city has hair own process implemented in the transfer avenue parcel a of the health code every emily murase permit
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has to come to the hunt and the applicant has to have a contamination plan and productive they're doing their annual report so we the city has the authority to make them do corrections and we can shut down or fine them there's a whole multiple layer of oversight in the redevelopments of parcel a it is in place and concerns of dusted control we issued notice of violations and there's not been any complaints tennis e.r. since that times the dust control was explained in the attachment and i'll be happy to answer any questions you i appreciate the speed you got through our presentation i need
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to ask are there any speaker cards no members if you want to speak fill out a speaker card. >> i did. >> you did please. that is porter. >> i have business cards i've had a chance to introduce myself in addition, i need to say i've been a physician specialist for the did you want open multiplied projects beginning in 1985 when i was the first african-american surgeon through 1995 and 99 i
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have a powwow to the incision important the nations largest toxic regulatory and in august of 2001 i found at the high speed ssi radiology broadly i'm a commenter open the historic radiology assessment i'm sorry, i have to say something not nice i have formally filed calculates against the past speaker amy with the california water professional engineers because she is not an independent representative of the san francisco department of public health last time i verified amy salary was paid through lennar and amy as consistently misrepresented heifer she's an engineer not
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licensed as a heartache professional no oversight in making statement about heartache impact shows made false statements i've forming complained in the white house about elevated asbestos i've been contacted by a shipyard worker that has a rare cancer he tbtd to working on parcel a the historical assessment in 2004 when it was published i hope you can see that it identifies there were no radiology impacted structures on parcel as a result of advocacy those identifies the structures that are identified including building a 19 action committee for women in prison i didn't say wrong the department
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of substance control didn't royals the storm drains on the north side of that building it's not been fulfill cleared and issues with lead and contamination and issues with regard to soil testing of the utility corridor i don't think one i don't support this transfer. >> thank you. >> her time. >> i've made my statement i electronically submitted my comments to the newspapers and your aware that in addition. >> can you use the mike. >> in addition to the nbc news reports that recently identified the scan speed issue there's a technical report that identified about 50 thousand full name soil
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samples that's been objected and as part of the 0shgd activity of bio technician so there's significant health issues and for amy to stand here and stay as a representative the hunt they've transferred this is a something like that of little regard she has for worker and public safety in this area. >> >> mr. robert woods he's - and mr. ace washington lame i'm up here speaking is as an individual not an advocate
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although 14 years ago voopd those producers i'm shocked and addendum many of you none of you all were hereer talking about 10 years ago i'm announced amazed my role is to document pictures and to also be part of the infrastructure in the next 10 years i'm not up to say one thing or another my opinion don't mean much now but i can speak as an individual around ten, 15 years ago i'll confused with you hear reports on how everything is safe and people are m in and now transferring another parrot of this i'm curious are you guys really on top of that have the information that is going to be required for the people that is
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impacted in the next 5 to 10 years if god says the same i'll be around but my work will be documented i mate to say wow, i was back here 20 years and adapted jackson and those they were telling me telling this commissioners it ise i'm not an scientist and i've seen many people been effected by state and local government up here the health people die and so that's it there's got to be some justice who do you go to do we have to go to obama to come to san francisco maybe that is something we can do to get obama or his wife to talk about the future or generations